Dino Hira Presents


A story of self care, inner peace and strength.



A Miner Who Wins Inner Peace is an incredible story about a journey to self-love, spirituality, and accessing the inner centre of peace which
exists within each one of us. Today’s world is one where stress, fear, sadness, and anxiety contribute to poor mental health. A thoughtfully laid out visual plan is laid
out in this book that guides you towards how you can use natural and practical ways to accept those facts of life that
don’t allow you to experience your purpose or allow you to feel the self-love you need. You’ll also be challenged to begin reacting in a way that
brings out your inner sense of calm while alerting you to the good and
reason in every situation. Yes, every situation.

One does not have to be a miner or know a miner to learn from this journey, because we all will face dark times in life that test our mental
health, our ability to stay strong, and our ability to not be afraid in times of struggle. The power of light will always prevail when you choose to
believe. You only need to learn how and then put the abundance of wisdom and knowledge into motion. This ability exists within you today,
and it is waiting for you to acknowledge it and take actions filled with self-love, as well as love of all around you.

Thank you for picking this book to read, learn, and grow with. Feel the empowerment of transforming all the stress and busy-ness into feelings
of happiness and peace that will radiate from within—within your mind, body, soul, and heart.

May Inner Peace be within you.
Dino Hira
“With no judgement, when you lend your ears or share words to inspire, these acts of humanity serve to make you a Brother’s or Sister’s Keeper.”



The people of the world can be Kind to you one day and hate you another.
What matters in the end is your ability to continue to be Kind to yourself.



Dino Hira was born and raised in Hong Kong and moved to Perth, Western Australia at age 16, on his own, to complete university studies. He started working in the mining industry in 2012, first as a dump truck operator and then transitioned to the mine controller role, which is central to the operations of a mine site. In this role, he would communicate to hundreds of people daily, while also remaining alert to all operations happening at the mine site. To do this without accumulating stress, Dino knew the importance of maintaining his inner wellbeing. His mood had the potential to affect an entire mine site, because the tone of voice over the two-way radio could be heard and felt by every person working at the mine site.

In early 2014, after a relationship breakdown and a build-up of dealing with a phase of darkness, stress, and depression, Dino faced a night of intense contemplation—did he want to take his next breath? His thoughts of his loving family back in Hong Kong compelled him to hold on for one more day, but what happened during his sleep that night changed his life forever. Dino’s possibly “one last dream” opened up a door for him. That evening, he experienced a vivid and meaningful dream and awoke to tears of emotions, an enriching feeling he had never experienced before. The entryway to his spiritual journey awaited him and he just had to walk through to begin an amazing transition that connected him to his inner self in the form of self-love.

Today, Dino’s mindset is one that embraces positivity, greater passion, purpose, and a will to maintain a sense of calmness. This is essential for having the best possible mental health and Inner Peace. His desire to help others is now a part of his daily actions and intentions. He is a qualified Reiki/Energy Healer and a Nutritional Therapist.

With Dino’s new way of life, his awareness of the importance of believing in your inner self and embracing a healthy mind has become essential to all that he does. With a connection to his heart and intuition, a beautiful story has emerged. He has been given experiences to help him reach out to more people with his important message, including being a male pageant winner, Mr. Australasia 2016, a successful international model, having starred in Australian reality television shows, volunteering time and energy to support various charity organisations, running guided mindfulness meditation workshops for groups, including those in drug and alcohol rehab centres and a maximum security prison.

One of the most important parts of Dino’s journey has been to compile all his experiences into a book titled, A Miner Who Wins Inner Peace. Through thoughtful sharing and insights to help all, Dino inspires to touch reader’s hearts and help them find the keys to improving all aspects of their life, while finding and maintaining a sense of Inner Peace.

Accepting ourselves exactly the way we are is the first step to self love.
Welcoming the beauty and flaws, whatever they may be, leads to the highest form of freedom.



graham miller

“Dino Hira is a lighthouse of hope for those who are struggling right now to see the beauty in the struggle. His story is an inspirational breakthrough.”

- Joel Brown - Founder of Addicted2Success.com (# 1 Motivation and Inspiration Website)

graham miller

“dino captures a beautiful rendition of the strength of the human mind & spirit through his own inspirational story. a must read for anyone looking to become the best version of themselves.”

-Justine pogroske - global speaker, author, founder of creative agency,
million dollar branders.

graham miller

“dino’s energy, ability & willingness to structure his meditation sessions in a manner that correlates with our programme is greatly appreciated by residents & staff alike.

- wendy williamson, acting coordinator, palmerstone